Areas of Focus

Other Therapeutic Applications

Based on its novel pharmacology, etripamil may have other cardiac and potentially non-cardiac uses beyond the treatment of PSVT and AFib derived from its AV nodal-blocking and/or vasodilatory effects similar to other L-type calcium channel blockers.

Our goal in expanding our pipeline around etripamil is to apply the same treatment paradigm-changing aspiration that we have for PSVT and AFib with RVR to other cardiac and potentially non-cardiac conditions. We believe that etripamil, with its rapid-onset and short duration of action, could potentially deliver significant clinical and quality of life benefits for patients. We believe that the same insights that led to the development of etripamil for the treatment of PSVT may be relevant in other indications where AV nodal-blocking agents with vasodilatory activity have demonstrated clinical utility. Both calcium channel blockers and beta blockers are commonly used to manage not only PSVT or AFib with RVR, but also chronic stable angina and angina due to coronary artery spasm.