Strategic Advisors

Philippe Douville, PhD

Founder Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Douville is Milestone’s founder and serves as Strategic Advisor. Dr. Douville was a member of Milestone’s board of directors from Milestone’s inception in 2005 to 2017, including serving as Chairman from 2011 to 2012, and as President and Chief Executive Officer from 2005 to March 2017. Dr. Douville has 20 years of experience in senior leadership positions in the biopharma industry.

Prior to founding Milestone, he held the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chief Business Officer at Galileo Genomics (later Genizon Biosciences), a population genomics company he co-founded.

Dr. Douville received his PhD in Neuroscience from McGill University and later pursued several years of post-doctoral research activities at the University of Zurich. He later received an MBA from the HEC at the University of Montreal.