Leadership Team

Guy Rousseau, PhD

Sr. VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management

Dr. Rousseau serves as Milestone’s Sr. VP of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management. Dr. Rousseau brings over 30 years of international experience in regulatory affairs and in global drug development. He spent over 15 years at Novartis, where he began as Head of Regulatory Affairs, Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance, based in Canada, and as of 2001 he became Head of Regulatory Affairs for Europe, based in Switzerland.

During this tenure, he led the Global Product Information group, he was a member of the European Executive Committee of Novartis and of the Technical, Scientific and Regulatory Policy Committee of the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). Dr. Rousseau joined Axcan Pharma (later integrated into Forest laboratories and Allergan) in 2007 as Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Quality Assurance. Until 2012 the focus of his activities was with the FDA and subsequently with the registrations and compliance for Europe and export countries in addition to leading projects in the US. Prior to joining Milestone, he was associated with Therapeutic Products Inc. (TPIReg) as Strategic Regulatory consultant. Dr. Rousseau has been involved with the registration of numerous products in the US, Canada and Europe.

Dr. Rousseau received his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy) and his Postgraduate Diploma in Drug Toxicology from the University of Montreal.